Building Resilience is based on research which highlights the importance of taking a multi-dimensional school-wide approach to building resilience. It assists schools to:

  • Partner with the school community, including families and local and community services
  • Lead activity across the school, including teaching approaches and support
  • Teach social and emotional learning to all students across all year levels
  • Support young people identified as needing additional assistance
  • Refer to appropriate services when required.

The Building Resilience in School Communities Grants Program will support Victorian government schools to build the resilience and wellbeing of their students through professional capacity building, in line with the Building Resilience model.

The Program will build school and teacher capacity to undertake whole school approaches to enhance students’ resilience, optimism, confidence, and social and emotional skills. Children and young people with higher resiliency are more likely to thrive in learning and achieve greater educational outcomes.

117 Victorian government schools have been awarded a grant package to the value of $3,500 to:

  • Survey students to determine their resilience and wellbeing starting week 8
  • Apply the findings of the survey to identify and use whole-school approaches and targeted interventions to build student resilience and wellbeing; these include a range of fully resourced and developed resources that will build on the best of what we have achieved so far
  • Participate in professional learning to build teacher capacity to improve student resilience and wellbeing.

Schools will be supported to draw on the Building Resilience model through the Program.

Wangaratta High School prides itself on the vast array of leadership positions that it can make available to students and its ability to promote leadership skills in a large percentage of the student population. Many of these leadership positions become vacant at the end of each year and, as the majority of them are elected by peers, all students are encouraged to apply for as many positions as possible.

The list of leadership positions within Wangaratta High School includes:

  • Prefects
  • Peer Educators
  • Rural Youth Ambassadors
  • Ekklesia Representatives
  • Year Level Captains
  • Mentor Captains
  • House Captains
  • Student Representative Council Members
  • Concert Band Captains

This area contains general information for students on each of the the student leadership positions within the school and more specific information (such as meeting dates, minutes, etc.) for those student already within those roles.